MYKU is committed to creating intrinsic and timeless designs, carefully crafted from materials that will withstand the test of time.


MYKU is the vision of Founder, Kuan Teo, and designer, François Hurtaud. The two friends realized early on that their visions aligned: they were both passionate about crafting something unique and beautiful, using design as a medium of expression.


Both the cultural symbolism and the natural beauty of the selected and elusive, yet significant, stones inspire the MYKU team. 

For centuries, the practical application of stone has included use in architecture, art and jewelry. The meaning that stones carry has also been extolled, precious pieces passed down through generations, around the world.


All of our products are designed and developed in house, from the initial sketch to prototype.

 Stripped down to its basic elements, our design philosophy is to create timeless products of the highest quality.


Our global partners carefully craft every mechanism of the watch. Our close collaborations are built on experience and expertise in different areas alongside a shared passion for detail. 


We choose to partner with suppliers with great experience. Sourcing the stones takes time and special skills. We aim to use most quality semi-precious and unique stones for our timepieces.


From sourcing to cutting the best stones, these German artisans are jewelry expert who artfully slice through top layers with precision to reveal the true inherent beauty of the stone.


Each cut results in a unique stone dial that is carefully examined  to pass our stringent  quality control. Only the bet and unique stones dials will be featured in our timepieces.


It is then sent to Swiss watchmakers for final assembly. Our Swiss partner takes pride in crafting every mechanism of the watch, sharing our passion for excellence and care for detail.


We believe that companies, no matter how small, can bring about change. That is why we are committed to making a difference by respecting our environment and the craftsmen behind our carefully assembled pieces. We draw inspiration from stones and strive to elevate the natural beauty of the elements.