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Marble Quarry

The story begins in Carrara, Italy, where the most beautiful marble is found. Carrara marble is one of the most popular stones that have been used by artists to make magnificent arts, which we still can witness today. This stone is a type of white or blue grey stone, most high quality and can only be quarried in the city of Carrara (thus the name) located in the province of Massa, the northern part of Tuscany, Italy. We source the best pieces and send them to Germany.

German Craftsmanship

Stone Cutting

We work with skilled artisans to select the most unique patterns.

Stone Drilling

They meticulously slice and polish the stones with precision. Each cut results in a unique stone face. Each face measures only 38mm in diameter and 1.8mm thick. Our one-of-a-kind timepieces carry the weight and longevity of these stones.

Quality Control


Every single stone dial is subjected to stringent quality controls and checks. All the dials are then scanned and cataloged.

Swiss Assembly


The stones are then sent to Switzerland for final assembly. The reputation of Swiss made watches and its movements are unrivalled. That’s why we partner with our Swiss watchmaker, who not only has the experience, expertise, and most importantly, the attention to details.

MYKU White Marble


The result is a unique timepiece of the highest quality.