Why do the artists particularly like Carrara?

Carrara marble has an amazing quality of absorbing light a few millimeters before being diffused, adding a lustrous texture and sophistication. In fact, the word marble is derived from a Greek work “marmaros”, meaning shining stone. The most famous art using Carrara marble is possibly David, masterpiece created by Michelangelo in 1504. The statue became one of the most celebrated and recognized works of Renaissance sculpture, a symbol of strength and beauty.

3 Facts About Carrara Marble

White marble is believed to have strong metaphysical qualities of grounding and calming. It provides for strength of self control and mastery of thought. It enhances the powers of serenity.

White marble is used as a cleansing stone, often used in the fields of naturopathy and homeopathy for its balancing qualities.

White marble that contains light and dark pattern is believed to provide the additional power of connecting with intellectual states of mind and knowledge.

Behind the scene

All of our products are designed and developed in house, from the initial sketch to prototype.   Cutting stones to reveal the inner, layered beauty which takes millions of years to form, requires high precision and meticulous skills from our craftsmen in Germany. Each cut results in a unique stone face.  It is then sent to our Swiss partner who carefully crafted every mechanism of the watch. Our close collaborations are built on experience and expertise in different areas alongside a shared passion for detail.

They're wearing Carrara

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Beautiful Design, very elegant. It offers a perfect match between trendy & classy style. Well done MYKU! "

Marc B.



I picked the Rose Gold Watch as a Christmas present for my sister and the least I could say is that she was over the moon! "

Julien C.


Each marble stone has its own intricate features giving you a different feeling. It's actually quite tough to pick the right one for yourself. "

Chantal Z.