MYKU Automatic Series Malachite Limited Edition Watch

$ 1,999.00

MYKU’s latest venture into breaking with boundaries of traditional watchmaking. The design of each piece of the Automatic Series is centred around the unique, semi-precious stone dial at its core, levitating in the 44mm custom-crafted stainless-steel case.

Albeit introducing a brand new technology, the new series continues to embody MYKU’s clear, simple, yet elegant design language. Each case is crafted in a dedicated finishing, including mirror and vertical brush in a concentric and matte setting, challenging our artisans to master this sophisticated method of watchmaking.

This new series reflects the brand’s quest for watchmaking perfection and respect for the century-long creation process of natural semi-precious stones.

As a first for MYKU, each timepiece features an automatic self-winding Swiss movement set with 25 jewels which can be discovered through the sapphire glass bulls-eye at the back of the watch.

Each timepiece is set with a custom curved sapphire glass, ensuring extreme resistance and creating a mesmerizing reflection of the stone dial underneath.

The launch of MYKU’s Automatic Series marks the team’s meticulous journey from the first sketch to the prototype of the new model. To celebrate its release, this automatic collection set with Malachite is limited to 20 timepieces only.