Guy Bedarida MYKU Malachite watch

From working as head designer of Van Cleef & Arpels of America to ex Creative Director and Head Designer of John Hardy, Italian born French jeweler, Guy Bedarida is known for his exclusive and unique designs worn by socialites, movie stars and celebrities around the world.

To have such an exclusive customer to wear MYKU timepiece is a great testimony for us. We are very honored to have him to share about his inspirations and creative process in this interview. 

"My name is Guy. I am a jewelry designer. I've been designing jewelry all my life and especially for famous companies.

Generally my inspiration comes from two different things; either ancient civilisation and it can architecture of old cities, I love to see museums because that's where I can find a lot of inspiration, and the second source of inspiration, which is really strong as well, is Nature. And since I've been lucky enough to live in Bali, I discovered the fabulous nature of the tropics which is a never ending source of inspiration.

Because I design jewelry and I feel that watches are jewelry I am always wearing a watch that I like. I collect them and the last one is the one that I got here that I am wearing today which is in a Malachite face, which is quite rare and unusual. I like it very much" 

MYKU Malachite Watch Guy Bedarida

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#MYMYKU #MYLIFE | Meet Marcel Thoma General Manager of the Upper House Hong Kong

Marcel Thoma General Manager Upper House Hong Kong

    We are pleased to start off our campaign with our first interview with Marcel Thoma, General Manager of The Upper House (Hong Kong). Marcel is one of the youngest and dynamic GM in the hotel industry. Under his leadership, Upper House has been ranked as one of the world’s top 25 hotels in 2015 amongst all the big players. We found an opportunity to sit down and find out what’s driving his passion in his life. 

    "I am Marcel I am the general manager of the Upper House here in Hong Kong. I started to work in a Hotel when I was 17 by coincidence as an intern and I really liked the job nature.

    The more sophisticated the guest is the more interesting it becomes to serve somebody because it really challenges you to get better and to satisfy a guest in a better way and I think the reason why I enjoy working in luxury hotel is if you sell luxury if you sell luxury experience you have to give your best and good is not good enough.

    Right now today I am wearing one of my favorite pieces actually, I do like to collect watches, and this is MYKU's Black Onyx. I think it is so beautiful and it makes me happy when I look at it. It fits to most colors I wear and my favorite colors are white and black. It is very easy to carry and it complements what I wear on a daily basis. I don't like flashy things, It is not ostentatious. It is just a beautiful timepiece."

    MYKU Black Onyx Space Black watch

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    #MYMYKU #MYLIFE | an intimate profile of MYKU's owners

    MYKU #mymyku #mylife

    Like dressing in bubble-wrap, we are so involved in the routine of our own lives that we don’t notice the people around us. Eyes on our phones, we spend our time focusing in the digital world, rather than noticing at who the people around us are.

    The idea behind our campaign MY MYKU MY LIFE is to remind us that we have a purpose in our lives. For this campaign, we have chosen a range of individualists from all walks of life, who are confident and independent, pursuing their own unique lifestyle. We don’t want to present you with a picture-perfect campaign of people that no one can identify with, but real people like you and me. 

    You don't have to be the next Steve Jobs when pursuing your dreams. The most important thing is that you need to be happy and passionate about it. You don't need to change the world. As long as you take action to change for the better; that’s a good reason for you to get up and make it happen. Be patient, it may take time. Taking baby steps and making that change is better than no change at all.

    We are fortunate to get to know and interact with some of our customers. They inspire us by who they are and what they do. They are individuals who know what they want and who are passionate in pursuing their dreams. We love that. It inspires us. That’s why we created this campaign to share those stories with you.

    Are you a go-getter, pursuing your dream? Feel free to reach out to us. We would love to hear from you. 👋🏼