Did you know?

Malachite was the metal of Venus and the ancient followers of the goddess were attributing important powers to the stone. In Roma, it was named the peacock stone, which was the emblem of the goddess Juno. Often cut in a triangle, Malachite had to power to repeal the evil eye.

3 Facts About Malachite

Associated with Venus, it is said that Malachite attracts love. Attached onto the cradle or worn as an amulet, it is believed to protect children.

Also called "the merchant stone", Malachite is believed to attract greenbacks, therefore favorable to traders and businessmen.

According to Russian legend, one would learn the language of animals by drinking in a Malachite concoction.

Behind the scene

All of our products are designed and developed in house, from the initial sketch to prototype.   Cutting stones to reveal the inner, layered beauty which takes millions of years to form, requires high precision and meticulous skills from our craftsmen in Germany. Each cut results in a unique stone face.  It is then sent to our Swiss partner who carefully crafted every mechanism of the watch. Our close collaborations are built on experience and expertise in different areas alongside a shared passion for detail.

They're wearing Malachite

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It is absolutely fabulous. In Asian cultures we believe that stone has power. Mine has a power of protection."

Siwat L.



It isn't meant to replace any tool-style or traditional timepieces in my current possession rather, it's an unique art piece to me."

Rodney Y.


I absolutely love how unique the stone is and it has easily become an essential accessory that I can wear with any outfit."

Caitlin W.