The Origin of Carrara Marble

The Origin of Carrara Marble

Carrara marble comes from the town of Carrara, northern Tuscany. This unique stone was formed by by calcite-rich shells left behind by marine organisms when they die. Those deposited remains form limestone which can be hidden under multi-ton layers of rock. The intense heat and pressure can then cause the limestone to metamorphose into marble.

Marble formed from the purest limestone is the white characteristic of Carrara. Impurities such as clay or iron oxide give other marbles darker colours.

The Carrara marble has been prized ts beauty and resilience since the days of the Roman Empire. It allows the light to penetrate several millimetres into the stone before being diffused to give a lustrous texture. This special quality has attracted many artists and architects including Michelangelo to use this stone for sculptures and buildings.

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Marble is believed to provide clarity, self-control and stability both physically and emotionally. It is used as a symbol of purity and immortality.

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No two marble formations are the same. Therefore, the unique characteristic of the stone has inspired us to create one-of-a-kind timepieces.

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