This year no ties or socks! – Dad.

This year no ties or socks! – Dad.

Most dads are not very outspoken when it comes to gifting wishes, some are (too) easy-going or some don’t really care at all, making a perfect father’s surprise the ultimate challenge for all of us.  

While Mother’s Day is becoming bigger every year with flowers, chocolates and so on, dad’s special day is often somewhat forgotten. While mom’s special is often planned extensively and with precision, dad ends up with a somewhat more casual set up.

Let’s change that today!

With Father’s Day less than a week away, are you still looking for the perfect gift?

Don’t go into panic mode, and definitely stay away from socks and ties as gifts (again). 

The expert panel at MYKU, consisting of actual dads and children of some of the world’s greatest dads, got you covered. Check out MYKU’s Top 5 Father’s Day gift ideas:

Make Father’s Day special this year with a treat for Dad!

MYKU fathers day 2021

5. Out and about – Field day with Dad

Travel restrictions still being largely in place? How about you take your dad out for his favorite activity on Father’s Day. A round of golf? A walk in the woods? A boat trip?

Depending on your dad’s preference and your local possibilities, organize a fun day outside to surprise him. Quality time spent and enjoying nature together makes special memories for many years to come.

MYKU fathers day 2021

4. Father’s Feast – Treat dad to a special meal

With restaurant restrictions easing up around the world, take Dad out for a special meal at a place you know he would enjoy! Sumptuous steak dinner, easy beer and chips, classic Italian… you know best what your dad likes, so make it a special dinner and treat him to his favorite meal.

Restaurants still closed. No problem, get creative! Dig into the details, find out what your dad’s favorite childhood meal was and cook it for him! It is not the price of the meal that counts; the because the moments you are sharing together are truly priceless.

MYKU fathers day 2021 Staycation

3. Splurge-alert: Staycation for Dad

Feeling generous? Surprise your dad with a staycation! Make it a family mini-holiday or a weekend-treat for Dad and Mum (or yourself).

Staycations offer an abundance of experience possibilities, from simple relaxation to restaurant exploring or late-night movie sessions with popcorn with dad’s favorite movie.

Plus, point: in case if you and your dad happen to be in different places, you can easily arrange your staycation online and still able to surprise him from afar!

MYKU fathers day 2021

2. Try something new: What Dad always wanted

This one needs a little work but creates a truly memorable experience for dad.

First step: Listen and research.

Find out what dad always wanted to do but didn’t get to do so far, what’s on his bucket list?

Water-skiing? Binge re-watching his favorite show. Re-paint the garage? The options are endless, all it takes is for you to find out what are some of the things dads wanted to do but didn’t get to (yet). Plan it out and surprise him with this truly special gift!

MYKU fathers day 2021 Malachite Automatic Watch

1. Get him a truly unique gift

Remember what Dad said about socks and ties?

Surprise your dad with a truly special gift this year: A one-of-a-kind MYKU for a one-of-a-kind MAN!

We just launched our first, highly limited series of automatic timepieces, featuring unique dials of Malachite and Lapis Lazuli. Breaking the boundaries of traditional watchmaking in this new series, MYKU’s automatic series showcases each unique stone dial, seemingly floating at the center of the case.

To all the Dads, we will give a special discount on White Marble and Black Onyx using the following code at checkout: FathersDay21 to celebrate Father’s Day till the 30th June 2021.