Have a marbleous season - How to literally rock up your holiday festivities

Have a marbleous season - How to literally rock up your holiday festivities

We at MYKU are excited to share our latest ideas with you on how to shake things up a little this season.

You (can try but) can’t help but notice that the Christmas decorations are up everywhere. Twinkling lights, colorful ornaments with Christmas jingles playing your favorite tunes in the background, the holiday season is here.

First things first, we love the season, but we thought of bouncing some new ideas on how to celebrate with our dear ones, with new ways to bring a twist to all the buzz, to add a personal note to it.

Our verdict: Why not go with a stone theme this year!

So, before you fall into a feasting-alcohol-induced-coma, here is our list to create something unexpected and unique to impress your guests for this festive season. Do share your ideas and thoughts with us, we want to know how you changed the game this year!


1) Marble Christmas Tree

Oh Tannenbaum, oh same old. While we love the fresh green and forest-y scent of Christmas trees, we can’t quite shake of the second thoughts on cutting trees just for the holidays. Not enough, we have seen them in all shapes, colors etc. So, why don’t we do things different this year? Introducing the handcrafted marble Christmas tree, the only limitation is only your own imagination (and you can re-use it next year to impress your guests all again)

2) Drink Rocks - RKDRS-props

2) Drink Rocks

Keep your spirits high and cool. How about surprising your guests when you are serving your cocktails with these very cool ice rocks? Not only they keep your drinks strong and undiluted, they will be admired and talked about. A toast to the toast.

3) Luxuriate-Carrara Marble Candle

3) Stone Candles

Christmas festivities is all about candle lights. Whether on your dinner table or to add some comfy lighting when you lounge during the holidays, candles are a must. We love these candles from the luxuriate, which come in a variety of stones, including different shades of marble, pink onyx and concrete (with gold that is). They are refillable and will stun everyone with their sleek, luxurious design and decent, yet delicious scents. Whether for yourself or the loved ones, these candles make great gifts for everyone.

4) Gray & White Marble Throw Pillow Cover, Faux Stone Marbled Print 16/20" Pillows or Covers

4) Gray & White Marble Throw Pillow Cover

And speaking of lounging, besides all the gatherings and dinners (or because of all the dinners), the holidays are about spending some relaxing hours, by yourself or with your dear ones. To add a stylish note to your couch, these pillows with gray and white marble print are great. The best of both, they look rock solid, but are smooth and comforting.

5) Ovo speaker Pietre di Monitillo

5) Ovo speaker by Monitillo Marmi

Just hear those sleigh bells…even better through this cool speaker made from carefully carved Carrara marble. Bringing together tradition and innovation, this speaker is an eye-catching addition to your interior, that will not only impress your guests over the holidays, but far beyond. In addition, it gives great sound to any (as cheesy as you wish) Christmas playlist.

6) The City of White Marble Ashgabat Turkmenistan

6) A trip to the Marble city

We admit, this is one of the more eccentric proposals, but we love the idea of it. Take your holiday-cash and plan a trip to Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan. “Why would I do that” you may ask, but enough of spending the holidays somewhere tropical like every year, go and see the city with the world's highest density of buildings made from white marble. Further highlights on your trip could be the world's largest carpet and indoor ferris wheel. Not enough? There are some (genuinely) breathtaking sites such as Merv, a desert city stacked by Genghis Khan. On top of all that, you will have a great bunch of anecdotes, because who has been to Ashgabat besides you.




7) Marble chocolates from Patrick Roger

Candy canes are for kids. Delight your guests with the haute chocolaterie creations of famed Paris-based Patrick Roger. The artist, who expresses his creativity in his sculptural works made entirely out of chocolate, offers delightful pralines colored like marbles in iridescent shades. Whether as a spectacular dessert centerpiece for your Christmas dinner or a few pralines wrapped beautifully as a gift, these chocolates are a most elegant and tasteful choice.


8) Marble light

We can’t talk enough about lighting when it comes to the holidays, so here’s another suggestion on how to add a subtle note of comfort to your house or delight someone with a fantastic gift. We love Studio Vit’s marble light made from Italian Bianco Carrara marble and mouth blown borosilicate glass. With its design composed of pure geometric shapes it will delight any minimalism-adoring friend or just be a most stylish addition to your own home.

Custom Marble Sculptures

9) Customized marble sculpture

Here’s one more for the ones who really want to shake things up this year. Christmas photos with ugly sweaters are passé. Surprise your dear ones with a customized marble sculpture instead. Despite being slightly narcissistic, it’s an original, multi-functional gift, that can serve as a doorstop, paperweight etc. while always making sure their thoughts are with you (while you stare at them).

MYKU White Marble Rose Gold

10) The MYKU watch

And the grand finale is our gift suggestion for your most dear ones (or yourself of course). MYKU’s … watch.