Meet Fiachra - Asia’s CBD Pioneer and Entrepreneur

Meet Fiachra - Asia’s CBD Pioneer and Entrepreneur

For today’s episode of MyMykuMyLife we met up with Fiachra at Found, Asia's first CBD store and café, which opened in Hong Kong in 2020. CBD? Cannabidiol! One of the most active ingredients in Cannabis!

Fiachra is the Marketing Director for Atlum International, the company behind Found café. Over CBD tea, Fiachra lets us in on cannabinoids, their benefits and his passion about educating regional consumers one conversation at a time.

We got to meet Fiachra first when he arrived in the neighbourhood. As a like-minded entrepreneur, the ice was broken quickly and we started to chat. Throughout time, Fiachra was captivated by the uniqueness of MYKU’s watches and our Black Onyx became his choice as his daily style-upgrade and confidence booster.

Fiachra is wearing a Black Onyx Space Black 38mm paired with a Façon-croco black Italian strap.


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