Meet Julia – The unexpected geographer

Meet Julia – The unexpected geographer

At first sight, you wouldn't expect this beautiful German-born lady to be a geographer, working in Hong Kong for one of the world's leading real estate companies. We sat down with Julia to learn all about her work in the fascinating field of cartography, mapping out some of the most cutting-edge projects across Asia. 

We must admit, looks can be deceiving. This striking blonde tells us half-jokingly about her nerdy childhood as an IT geek and gamer. Acquainting herself with building and moving in virtual worlds, she couldn't image that her early passions would set the foundation of her professional life today. As a geographer, Julia creates digital maps for clients in order to understand the nature of places in the present and the future. More than just creating a mirror-image of what is out there, Julia enlivens her maps with insights on population, traffic, future developments etc. She takes what she sees, forecasts and helps others to visualise her projections by taking them on a virtual journey. 

Julia’s charming presence, paired with her sharp eye and analytical skills, inspires us. Power and strength do not have to be aggressive. Persuasiveness and character can be embodied in a most charming smile, complimented with ambition and intelligence, just like Julia. She is a true testimony to the modern woman of MYKU.

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