Mother’s Day Special | Meet Carrie Lim, a working mom

Mother’s Day Special | Meet Carrie Lim, a working mom

Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away. In honor of this special occasion, we invited one of our customers, Carrie Lim, to talk about the meaning and joys of being a mother.  Carrie, like many working moms today, faces the challenge of managing time between work and being there for her adorable son Lucas.It is the boundless love for her child that keeps her going, discover how she does it all.

"My name is Carrie I work in a bank and I am a mom as well. I have a son who is 15 months old, a very active boy named Lucas.

What does it mean to be a mom? Being a mom is the toughest job in the whole wide world in my opinion. Everything that you do, everything that you think about is being consumed by this little thing and at the same time it completes the family, it completes yourself as well as a whole. The bonding that we have we can never explain it. Although it is the toughest job, I am pretty sure every mom enjoys it.

Time is essence to me now because every minute counts. The one I have is Rose Gold Black Onyx. I got it after I gave birth actually, it is a gift for myself. It is a very unique piece, one that exists in the whole wide world: a sort of like a reminder to me that symbolises my child. There is only one, a unique piece a gift from God."

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