#myMYKU #myLife | Meet Dieter Froehle Swimwear Designer

#myMYKU #myLife | Meet Dieter Froehle Swimwear Designer

In the pursuit of uniqueness and passion, we love talking art and aesthetics with Dieter Froehle today, swimwear designer.

German-born Dieter has been living in Asia for many years and frequently travels the world for inspiration. In his designs, he cleverly pursues a modern take on simplicity.  He is constantly absorbing the world around him, finding inspiration in art, street culture and all things curious.

"My name is Dieter Froehle, I am a swimwear designer. I believe if you are passionate about what you do and in particular if you work in art, if you work in fashion, the key part of being passionate or what drives you is that you constantly observe. 

To me art is a moment that you enjoy and obviously certain items speaks to you stronger than others do. I think the key part there is to always watch it or taking in with a little bit of a distance. Things that do catch me are unique things, things that are different

Today I am wearing MYKU Black Onyx with Gold. It is something that stands out. I think it is the simplicity. It's got a little bit of this Japanese zen paired with a modern Scandinavian approach, a probably very holistic approach to the whole story. I think it is away from things we see on a daily basis. I think the uniqueness comes because of the simplicity because simplicity is a very difficult thing to achieve because you need to do it well."

MYKU Black Onyx Gold Watch Dieter Froehle

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