Meet Johary - French Photographer based in Hong Kong

Meet Johary - French Photographer based in Hong Kong

Meet Johary, a French photographer from Marseille. Originally from Madagascar, Johary spent his childhood in France where he got his first camera as a child and developed his unique style of photography through continuous experimenting. Calling Hong Kong home for the last 3 years, Johary continues to capture the contrasts and vibrancy of Hong Kong’s diverse landscape of East meets the world and new meets old through his work.


Photographing uncontrived, everyday scenes with a certain sense of imperfection, Johary’s works breathe life and are relatable to their audience, evoking questions, interest and memories.

Johary chooses MYKU’s Black Onyx watch as his daily timepiece. Just like his work, MYKU’s Black Onyx embodies uniqueness and authenticity. The character of each stone takes centuries to shape, creating a one-of-a-kind dial that truly represents nature’s art. Discover MYKU’S Black Onyx series here.

MYKU Black Onyx Johary Andriatsilavo


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