#MYMYKU #MYLIFE | Meet Louis Chon - Space Creator

#MYMYKU #MYLIFE | Meet Louis Chon - Space Creator

In contrast to the classic, analytical approach to interior design, Louis’ way of working is like a scenographer, starting his designs by telling a story. 

"Interior design is about creating a story."

Meet Louis Mathieu Chon; an interior designer who works in a unique way when it comes to creating spaces. He started his career as a furniture craftsman in Belgium, a period during which he found his passion for designing interior spaces. From Belgium, he moved to Shanghai and then on to Hong Kong, where we caught up with him to discuss one of his latest projects.

In a city like Hong Kong, where space is scarce, people are always on the lookout for the latest places to meet up, whether it’s for dinner, work or shopping. Inspired by this challenge of today’s societies, Louis takes a deep interest in designing social spaces, such as restaurants and retail stores.

The Old Man Hong Kong Louis Mathieu Chon

In his latest project, Louis created a bar called “The Old Man”, turning the lifelong dream of the bar’s founders into reality. The concept for the bar is inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s novel, The Old Man and the Sea.

"The idea was not to build a bar, but a boat like in the novel. "

Rather than initiating the project by burying himself into floorplans and building permits, Louis begins by understanding how his clients interpret Hemingway’s story of the struggling, yet hopeful fisherman and his unlucky fate and how they visualize this as a commercial space. Based on this understanding, he will then begin his work to create an interior concept that will incorporate his creativity and the clients’ ideas.

The Old Man Hong Kong Louis Mathieu Chon

No job is the same and new challenges come with every project. Louis has to put himself into his clients’ minds, asking himself, “How would one feel walking through the space” and in this particular project, “How to create an exotic flair paired with old world charm?". Based on these sensory and emotional considerations, Louis will envision the materials, lightings and fixtures he proposes to use.

"Making someone's dream come true is a huge responsibility."

Beyond, the creativity needed for each project, every space has to adhere to a multitude of regulations, which Louis has to keep in mind. The challenge to bring all these elements together in order to create a space that works is what drives Louis in his work.

Louis Mathieu Chon The Old Man Hong Kong

Half-jokingly, Louis often compares his work to being a chef. Equipped with a range of ingredients, he creates a dish according to recipe, yet always adding a dash of his own creativity for a surprise element.

MYKU Black Onyx Watch Louis Mathieu Chon

An aesthete by nature, equipped with a sense of spirituality, Louis chose MYKU’s Black Onyx as his preferred timepiece. The simplicity of the design and the power of the Black Onyx to absorb negativity is what spoke to him. 

"Because I produce objets, I don't collect any. But MYKU is one that I'll keep lifetime."

Always on the run and dealing with a multitude of people, Louis believes that his MYKU keeps his mind balanced and his style unique.

MYKU Black Onyx Watch Louis Mathieu Chon

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