What’s in the name- MYKU?

What’s in the name- MYKU?

French mathematician Blaise Pascal once said “I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time”. At MYKU, we like things simple. We shy away from the pompous idea of adopting names inspired by our own, clouding our timepieces with too much context. Beauty lies in the simplicity of things. Today, we want to share with you why we chose MYKU as the name for our brand.

ono no komachi poems

The autumn night / is long only in name — / We’ve done no more / than gaze at each other / and it’s already dawn. --Ono no Komachi

We created MYKU according to the philosophy of HAIKU, a traditional form of Japanese poetry written in a 5/7/5 syllable count. Haiku poetry focuses on images from nature, emphasizing three characteristics; Simplicity, intensity and direct expression. As @semisaneic would describe: 

"A myku is a poem very similar to a haiku, but not necessarily following the rules. A haiku with your own personal twist… a MYKU."

Nature is our greatest source of inspiration, enriched with earthly treasures that can withstand the test of time. Unique, colorful stones of all textures from around the world, encased in steel and adorned by leather are the key components of each MYKU timepiece.

The greatest art of HAIKU lies in translating a complex idea into a few beautiful poetic words. The process of creating a refined piece of art that speaks a clear language through its simplicity is art in itself, whether it is poetry or crafting timepieces.

MYKU watch

Each MYKU houses a Swiss-made movement covered by a unique, exquisite stone dial crafted by skilled jewelers. Encased by brushed stainless steel, an elegant timepiece is born, showcasing the shared passion between MYKU and our partners in creating truly timeless timepieces.