Who runs the house? Moms!

Who runs the house? Moms!

Marked clearly on the calendar this coming weekend, Mother’s day is steeped in tradition. Even though it is not recognized as an official public holiday, it is hard to forget as this is the day when most of us would stop all our activities and celebrate this amazing woman that have been with us through thick and thin. MYKU dedicates this important occasion to recognize mom’s superiority over dad. 

Get ready to give your thanks to your leading ladies this Sunday, May 12th. MYKU’s fact-check gives you all the details you need and feel free to quote us for your greeting cards (You’re welcome).

Who came first? MOM: 1 DAD: 0

Mothers Day

Historically, celebrating mothers has been around since ancient Greek and Roman times, where people would worship to the mother goddesses named Rhea and Cybele. However, it was officially recognized in 1914 while dads didn’t get the official stamp until 1972  proclaimed by President Nixon.

The gift of Life. MOM:2 DAD: 0.5 

 Mothers Day

This is the most obvious one, yet the most crucial. In light of Mother’s Day, praise to all mothers for enduring this gift of nature. Without mums, all of us would not be here. We gave Dad 0.5 as he contributed in creating us but Mom gets the full score for carrying us to term.

Mom’s Milk Bar. MOM:3 DAD:0.5


Adding to our first point, one of nature’s wonders is mothers’ ability to nurture babies. For the first year since birth, we need to rely on Mom’s organic, natural formulae for survival. This natural cycle has definitely put MOM on the winning side!

Who gets more attention? MOM:4 DAD:0.5

Statistically, woman shops more than man. It is not mom’s fault when Mother’s day gets all the deal while Father’s day gets a polite nod from retailers.  According to National Retail Federation in US, consumers will spend USD23.6 billion on Mother’s day while USD 14.6 billion on Father’s day.  Hands down to all Mothers!

Dial my number. MOM:4 DAD:1

 Mothers Day

From the data collected, 122 million phone calls are made to call mom on Mother’s Day.  Though we do cannot officially collect the estimated number of phone calls made on Father’s Day, we definitely confirmed Father’s Day is the busiest day for collect calls after Thanksgiving in the US. Mom’s guilt trip techniques is definitely more effective than Dad’s! (Dad gets another 0.5 score for financing).

Think complex. MOM:5 DAD:1

We didn’t need science to tell us, but studies back up this fact. Mom’s brain is better in putting information together when given a task compared to Dad’s. Looking at brain usage, women combine both halves more effectively and are faster in puzzling all pieces of data together. Beauty and brains! That’s why Mom is in charge of household because they can manage different tasks simultaneously. Dad can perform if they WANT to!

Emotionally charged. MOM:6 DAD:1

Mothers Day 

Mom has an advantage of connecting biologically with her child over dad because she carried the child for 9 months. Believe it or not, Mom is more emotionally connected than Dad. It cannot be measured or proven scientifically but Mom can read our minds and emotions better. As such, she can comfort us during our downtime and can also emotionally guilt trip us if she wants to. (That’s why we have to buy gifts for her on important occasions such as Mother’s Day!) After all, blood is thicker than water.

Love me tender. Mom: 7 DAD:1

If love is shown by physical actions, Mom will win over Dad definitely. Cuddling is very essential especially for a child. Ask any child to choose a kiss from either of the parent, most of them would choose mom. That is because Mom has a smooth face. Deal with it, fathers! Nothing is wrong with your kiss but just the rough, whiskered face is a turn off for the child but not your wife.

Even Mom has a higher score than Dad, that’s because we are making Mom the star of the day as this article is dedicated to Mother’s Day. Nothing will be complete if there is no love exists in the family.

Mother’s day is an excellent opportunity to say thank you to all leading women in our lives, no matter biological or spiritual connection. What matters most is that mothers and all women deserve everyone’s respect.

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