Symbolism of Stone: Carrara Marble

Symbolism of Stone: Carrara Marble

Throughout the ages, stones, whether precious, semi-precious or seemingly plain old rocks to entire mountains, have held a preferential position of wonder, mysticism, symbolism, beauty and worth. From ancient times until today, stone has been used for making tools and shelter, tradable currency, spiritual healing and aesthetic adornment.

Stone boasts a rich, colourful history and symbolism, across cultures and civilisations, around the globe. In manifold colours and constitutions, stones are said to convey meaning and contain energy that may have bearing on who we are, what we do and how we feel. Many believe that stone is charged from the earth and different stones radiate multitudinous energies.

Stone is, more or less, universally paradigmatic of the idea of reliability, endurance, stability and toughness, e.g. ‘as solid as a rock’ and ‘set in stone’. However, beyond this, each stone has inherited a wealth of symbolic meanings and associations, based on historic and spiritual connotations.

In design, therefore, stone selection and application can involve complex decision-making processes, depending on the desired ‘effect’, especially when taking into account these intrinsic and historic values, in addition to aesthetic beauty and monetary cost.

Carrara marble, from its eponymous origin city in Italy, is a high quality, primarily white or blue-grey stone. Since classical times, it has been highly treasured for sculpture, owing in part to its suppleness, relative shatter-resistance, visual depth and beauty, as well as a waxy appearance, due to the calcite content, which lends a translucent, almost life-like quality to human sculpture.

MYKU chose this prized stone, with its perfectly formed quartz crystals, soft veining and exquisite finish, to incorporate into its minimalist style watches, for reasons beyond simple aesthetics. Quartz is known as a stone of power, and is said to support the channeling, focusing, storage and transformation of energy, while also assisting clarity and calmness of mind.

A Carrara marble MYKU watch, with its precision cut, is the ideal cache to harness the power of this stone, help impart harmony and a sense of healing, to the day-to-day. It is said wearing stones on the wrist, the energy will reach directly to the blood and meridians that flow there and will then, in turn, distribute throughout the body and mind. With such positive energy close to hand, the MYKU watch is not only a meticulously crafted Swiss-made timepiece, but also a conduit for well-being.

MYKU shares the importance of Earth Day, and celebrates the power of Mother Nature’s gifts, allowing them to spur creativity.