When High Street meets High Design

When High Street meets High Design


From the beginning.

Start From Zero (SFZ) was founded by Hong Kong local street artist Dom and embodies an independent spirit of creativity and positivity, expressed by the company’s mantra ‘START’, standing for STreet ART, STencil ART and STicker ART.

SZF Workshop

The collaboration between MYKU and SFZ is founded on our shared passion for craftsmanship and creativity.

MYKU x SFZ Packaging Assembly

SFZ has been designing and creating handcrafted woodwork, using discarded wood pallets from factories around Hong Kong.  Their independence, turning its creativity into a lifestyle and cultural phenomenon has been quietly growing in the streets of Hong Kong over the years. MYKU is impressed by their philosophy of creative sustainability and initiated the collaboration.

A customized limited edition.

The collaboration brings together both companies' cores. SFZ designed a customized wooden box made from recycled wood.


Bringing a playful note of surprise to craftsmanship, SFZ created a Tangram, included in each box. a dissection of seven pieces to form shapes where the pieces will not overlap. Tangrams were assumed to have been invented during the Song Dynasty and may look simple but are mind challenging.  These simple joys, refined in their details, are meant to bring the family together to spend quality time solving the puzzle. 

MYKU created a special edition of timepieces using Obsidian, a natural glass-like igneous rock in the dials of the watches. This silver lustrous stone has a long history of being used by Mayan people to craft tools and weapons during the Stone Age. Using Obsidian for this limited edition of timepieces is reminiscent of the glow and enchanting monochromacity of snow on winter evenings.

The perfect holiday gift.

 MYKU x SZF Packaging Gift Set

The collaboration between SFZ and MYKU is a first of its kind and we hope to inspire others to come together to celebrate virtuosity and creativity. As there are only 10 pieces available worldwide, you can get your stock here.

MYKU Obsidian Watch Limited Edition Watch