MYKU launches new leather straps featuring the Croco Grain

MYKU launches new leather straps featuring the Croco Grain


We work with some of the finest tanneries in France and Italy in order to create the highest quality leather straps, which can withstand the test of time. After a process of careful assessment and selection, we are proud to have established strong relationships with exceptional leather craftsmen, who share our beliefs and passion. 

MYKU Leather Tanning

To achieve highest quality, every raw hide has been carefully tanned for a minimum of four weeks, involving more than 40 technical processes in order to create the leather MYKU uses for its straps.

MYKU leather strap First Cut

Each hide is meticulously assessed for scars, scratches and blemishes before they are sent for production.  “The process can take hours because we are dealing with natural materials,” Kuan says. “This is to ensure the straps we manufacture meet our stringent standards for quality and reducing wastage.”

MYKU leather strap Press

The artisans will expertly cut the leathers based on its grains in a process known as “Press and Punch”, in which 3 different layers of leather are formed.

MYKU Leather Strap Skive & Split

These layers, called Top, Split and Lining leather cut, are shaped slightly bigger first. This will give allowance for precise definition during the final stage of assembly. 

MYKU Leather Strap Glue

Embodying MYKU’s aesthetics, our straps are crafted in a meticulous process, which does not feature any stitching. 

MYKU Leather Strap Edge Painting

The artisan will take a longer time to assemble the layers together by gluing and painting the edges. Each strap takes 6 layers of paining which requires a total of 30 minutes to dry and complete.

MYKU White Marble Steel Croco Straps

As the final step in the process, the artisans will expertly pair the upper and lower leather bands according to the grain and texture of the leather to create the most harmonious match. 


“Aiming for upmost quality and comfort for our clients, each MYKU strap is lined with Alzavel leather which is water and sweat-resistant,” said Francois. “We have further added spring mechanisms into each strap which don’t require any tools except your fingers to change the straps.” 

MYKU White Marble Steel Watch with Croco Grain Leather Strap