Gemonomics: How to invest into gemstones?

Gemonomics: How to invest into gemstones?

Square-cut or pear-shaped, these rocks don't lose their shape, and certainly not their value. 

Some gemstones even increase their value over time and come with solid returns, making jewels shine bright in a new light. You thought Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Diamonds are of course some of the most sought-after and meaningful gems out there, but you’d be surprised that some other stones are far ahead when it comes to returns. In today’s feature, MYKU presents the top 5 stones to invest in.  (Note: Like any investment, value increase nor profit are not guaranteed) 

Ruby MYKU Watch


Rubies are priced amongst collectors as a safe bet when it comes to investing in jewelry. As fine pieces are becoming rarer, rubies are known to maintain and even increase their value due to demand (More so than diamonds, which are more widely available). Especially sought after are large(r), untreated rubies from Myanmar, which can fetch up to more than USD1million per carat at auctions. Color is key when it comes to valuing rubies. The highest color grading is known as ‘pigeon’s blood, which is found in stones from only a handful places on earth, besides Myanmar, in Mozambique or Tanzania. As rubies naturally occur with inclusions, clarity is secondary. It’s all about the color when it comes to valuing rubies. 

Emerald MYKU Watch


If the Emerald City of Oz would be real, it may be the priciest address on earth. In the past, the value of emeralds has been fluctuating, thus making it not always a favored choice amongst gem-investors. As it is becoming increasingly challenging to find stones of high quality, the attractiveness of emeralds as investments has increased in recent years. Amongst collectors, green emeralds remain the preferred choice, especially larger stones from Colombia or Brazil. Just like their cousin, Ruby, untreated emeralds are the preferred choice, attracting bids of up to USD300k per carat in recent auctions. 

MYKU Sapphire


With dark shades of blue like a night sky, blue sapphires are the most popular choice amongst gem-investors after rubies. Most famous for their dark, saturated blue tones, sapphires come in fact in all colors of the rainbow, from green to pink. From an investment point of view, classic blue remains the best bet, with increasing value, the more saturated and deeper the coloring of the stone is. When buying sapphires for investment, a good-grade stone should come at USD50k per carat. 

Tanzanite MYKU Watch


Here’s an investment opportunity for the thrill-seekers. Tanzanite, as the name indicates, originate from Tanzania. In fact, they are found in only one location, covering an area of no more than 6 square km at the foothills of the Kilimanjaro. This mine is in the hands of a single owner who strives for exclusive control over the global Tanzanite market. Few factors can drive up the value of a gemstone such as rarity. If the global trade of Tanzanite is managed by few, prices for this gemstone are expected to rocket. Currently, prices for Tanzanite start at USD1,000 – USD5,000 depending on the size and quality of the stone. In recent years, Tanzanite has seen an increase in demand on global markets, especially from Chinese buyers. With limited availability (and controlled supply), the value of Tanzanite is expected to rise sharply in the future. 


Paraiba tourmaline MYKU Watch

Paraiba tourmaline

Our top 5 wouldn’t be complete without the Paraiba tourmaline, one of the rarest gemstones on earth. Found in only three mines, situated in the remote northeast region of Brazil, Paraiba tourmalines can fetch astonishing prices of up to USD100k per carat. Investing into this gem isn’t only pricy, but comes with a complex spectrum of criteria, which greatly determines the value of the stone. The most important conditions are color and tone when it comes to valuing Paraiba tourmalines, even more so than the clarity of these stones. Shades of blue- green can fetch up to twice as much as stones of pure blue or green shades. 

No matter your budget when investing into gemstones, investors are united in their shared admiration and deep fascination for nature’s wonders. Formed over centuries, often under the rarest of conditions, gemstones are truly priceless, not only in their beauty but in the stories they tell. 

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