What Is A Blue Moon, And When Is The Next One? The Tale of the Blue Moon

What Is A Blue Moon, And When Is The Next One? The Tale of the Blue Moon

Once in a blue moon… a blue moon actually comes along. Have you ever wondered if there’s something more to the saying than just describing the near-never occurrence of something? Behind the saying is the tale of a beautiful natural phenomenon, the blue moon.

The cycle in which the moon appears in different shapes, called the lunar phases, takes on average 30 days, one month. A blue moon describes the unusual occurrence of an additional full moon throughout this cycle, that takes place usually only every 2.5 years.

To lift the fog, the blue moon isn’t actually blue. At times, atmospheric conditions caused by the product of volcanic ash or particles in the air due to fires, let the moon appear blue when looking at it from earth. Depending on the conditions, a blue moon can even appear in other colors, such as red.

In fact, when the blue moon was given its name originally, it described the 3rd full moon in a 4 moon season. Now wait, didn’t we just said that it describes the 2nd blue moon in a month?! Correct. Due to a mix up by a magazine in 1943 that labeled the 2nd full moon in a month as the Blue Moon, the definition stuck from then on.

As rare as its occurrence, it is fleeing. A blue moon may appear as a full moon one day before and after its occurrence, but in fact, it reveals its full size only for a brief moment. Depending on weather conditions and geographical location, taking in its full view is a matter of luck oftentimes. Plan ahead, the next blue moon is said to occur on August 22, 2021.

The beauty of the blue moon and its rare occurrence has inspired a great number of artists throughout time, and was probably most famously referenced in Rodgers and Hart’s 1934 song ‘Blue Moon’, that was covered by legends such as Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday or Elvis Presley.

As captivating and rare as the sight of a blue moon, MYKU is proud to launch its first automatic watch series.

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