MYKU Survival Guide: Single on Valentine’s Day

MYKU Survival Guide: Single on Valentine’s Day

Love’s in the air y’all. Valentine’s day is upon us again!

To start off, don’t go crazy. V-Day as we know it today, hasn’t always been that amorous (Read all about it here), so keep a cool mind.  

As Oprah would say, your worth in life doesn’t depend on finding the significant other.

This simple day of love has grown into a commercialized carnival for florists, restaurants, Hallmark and we even spotted our preferred brand of laundry detergent added some ‘limited time only’ Valentine’s scent edition (seriously?).

Putting aside the commercial part, it’s a great chance to express what someone else means to you and let them know your appreciation. MYKU prepared a kick-ass list of things you can do on a daily basis instead of just Valentine’s Day, no matter if you are single, taken or ‘it’s complicated’.


Party Time

7. Party Time

Host a singles-only dinner party. Invite all your favorite single people and toast to your independence. Have a blast with your BFFs. You could ask them to bring a friend too.

You never know, maybe you’ll be in for a romantic night.


Netflix and Chill

6. Veg out

If you’re dreading V-Day or you are not over your last relationship, do yourself a favor and stay off social media. Facebook-stalking your Ex to see how they're celebrating with their new crush is not going to make you feel happy or confident. Empower yourself by binging on Netflix on this particular night. Order a pizza and have a movie marathon with your celebrity crush.


Baby Sitting

5. Manny/Nanny time

Babysit for a couple that never gets a night out. If you know someone who would love to take a night off from parent duties to spend some quality time with their partner, offer to watch their kids for the night. At least, you know you are doing good and making others happy.



4. Me and Myself

Get yourself a makeover to feel good. Make appointments for a hair cut, beauty treatments or a spa.  Go on a shopping spree and take advantage of any sales going on. After all, if you don’t love yourself, who’s gonna love you?


Tinder Date

3. Dating Roulette

Gather all your single friends and hook up your phone to the TV. Take turns to broadcast your tinder page and swipe each other’s profile. After all, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Pair with a bottle of wine and you’ll have a blast. Your friends may help you to find the date for the next Valentine’s.


Be Brave

2. Be Brave

You have a crush on someone but you haven’t had the courage to tell him/her about your feelings. V-Day may be a good idea to get together. A date? On the day of romance? No way! Hear us out. Yes, Valentine’s Day seems like the day where everyone’s romance expectation is high but why not play it cool. The other person might be alone as well so take a chance and let fate takes over whatever it may come.


1. Say thanks!

Valentine’s day is the day of love. Love takes many forms so this day is a great chance to show your appreciation for somebody. Surprise them with a simple gesture or a small gift. A ‘thank you’ can travel a long way and brightens somebody’s day. Check out MYKU’s Valentine’s Selection here for her or for him, a truly unique gift that will bring joy for many V-Days to come and beyond.