Off to new beginnings – How to be an (even) better you in this year.

Off to new beginnings – How to be an (even) better you in this year.

Happy first month anniversary of 2020! The New Year is about 31 days old now. High time to get back to those resolutions you made on New Year’s Eve. Dry January didn’t work out? Don’t stress!

Today’s post is all about how to make a difference this year without going through any big hassle or pain. Our mantra here is ‘Small actions can go a long way’. We’ve compiled a list of ideas for you.

You can work your way through it, pick what you like best, do as you please. It’s win-win. Feel good, do good, don’t do nothing! 

MYKU 2020 resolutions Think about yourself

Think about yourself

It’s important to be there for others, but it’s just as important to take good care of yourself too! Think about what makes you happy, what relaxes you or what helps you to unwind and recharge your batteries. Make that a weekly thing! Pick a time and day of the week where you schedule ‘Me-time’. This is the time to pamper yourself because ‘If you can’t love yourself, who’re you gonna love someone else’?! 

MYKU 2020 resolutions Say no more

Say NO more

No? Yes, indeed! Our mantra for this year is to be more about quality than quantity, just like we do at MYKU. Instead of doing more, the aim is to do less and do it better! Being busy does not guarantee achievement. This one will be tough we’re sure. You may be disappointed when some opportunities may pass by. Being focused and thorough in what we do, we can be assured that it will be a professional and personal successful year for us. 

MYKU 2020 resolutions digital minimalism

Smart Cleansing

Now before you get your detox juices ready, this isn’t about your nutrition. This is about auditing our social media apps, and checks which ones we really use and makes us happy. Whatever doesn’t deliver either, will be deleted (DO IT)! Being mindful about your precious time, explore your creativity, learn a language, read a book, go for a walk, find out what drives you.


MYKU 2020 resolutions clean your smartphone

Keep it clean

While we’re at cleansing our minds from social media, keep your phone (and other devices) clean this year to avoid getting sick. Did you know that most phones carry as much as 10 times the amount of bacteria found on most toilet seats? Gross right? As you’re probably reading this right now on your phone screen (Yikes) don’t panic! Get yourself some antibacterial wipes (best without bleach) and start wiping (and not just swiping, pun).

MYKU 2020 resolutions Hold out on fast fashion

Hold out on fast fashion

Been dreaming about this gorgeous designer item for weeks? Here’s an idea: Did you know that fashion is one of the biggest polluters on the planet? Don’t get us wrong, we love creativity and expressing it through clothing BUT let’s be a bit more resourceful about it this year. So instead of buying 10 fast fashion pieces that kinda look cool for one season, we’ll try to save and buy that one cool key piece we really wanted and wear it ‘til it falls apart.

MYKU 2020 resolutions Bring your own bag


This one has nothing to do with drinking less (unless you think that it should be part of your re-resolutions). Nope, this one is about plastic bags! Whenever you go out to do groceries, remind yourself to bring a bag with you. Plastic bags (and all other packaging really) are mounting landfills everywhere and often end up in our oceans (and around some cute turtle’s neck). Save yourself and do a great service to our planet.

MYKU 2020 resolutions Charity work

Any Volunteers?

Up your doing-good scores this year. You may not change the world, but you sure can make the world a bit better for others. Volunteers are always needed, no matter the field of charitable work. Check out what’s around in your city and pick something you’re passionate about. Doing charity helps us to lower stress levels and will boost your happiness 150%.

MYKU 2020 resolutions Use your legs

Use your legs

10 minutes walking distance? Let’s walk there! Crazy right? We’re trying to uber less this year and take the stairs instead of escalators. Why? For starters, climbing stairs for 10min gets you the same energy boost as the caffeine content of a diet coke or half a coffee. How we did that? Just walk! Beyond your own boosting, a more resourceful usage of transportation helps our environment as well and, for singles out there, who knows who you’ll bump into.

MYKU 2020 resolutions Plan your next vacation

Plan your next holiday

Just back from your New Year’s holiday? Drowning in work? It’s time to plan your next holiday! Studies show that women who go on holiday at least twice yearly, have a lower risk of heart attacks than those who never take a break. We’re sure the same thing applies to men. Moreover, the thought of being on holiday again soon, boosts one’s happiness, even weeks in advance. Book your trip! Your employer will appreciate your boost of postivity and productivity.

MYKU 2020 resolutions Surprise


Were you just thinking of somebody saying ‘SURPRISE’ while reading this one? We are sure that thought made you happy there for a little bit. Now, imagine you can make someone happy like this in the new year. Take the chance this year to make (at least) one person happy. It doesn’t have to be the grand gesture, a simple thank you note or a nice bouquet of flowers will do the trick.

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