When not traveling the world with his camera, capturing whimsicalities in far-away corners of the world, you can find Alex Schiller working on his next big thing in Munich, Germany.

The cinematographer founded his own independent studio Hey You!, after years of working with many prestigious brands.

In this episode of My Myku, My Life, Alex shares with us how he decided to pursue his own creative freedom and evolved from commercial videography to creating documentary art. Raw and unedited captured moments in their full authenticity.

We met up with Alex on a recent trip to Paris where he was working on a new project. 



"My name is Alex Schiller, I am a filmmaker. Right now I like everything that is done very documentary style. You know, grab a camera, you run-and-gun it.

In documentary filmmaking, you don't have time really to think about the shot that you want to do. You're not planning: I'm gonna do this and that and we're gonna light this that way. You're there and you're on the spot and you have to think like this, Okay I need to move it over that way ten meters so I can make the shot so much more visually stunning, without putting any preproduction work or anything into it. 

I think the thing that keeps me doing is the creative freedom that's what really gets me going every day.

I got my Space Black Onyx MYKU for my birthday from my girlfriend. She really hit the spot you know it's all black. and it has that tiny little detail and it's super unique Basically I only wear black. and have a little accent of maybe white or something there is no more perfect fit than this watch to my style".

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