The life of Pai – Meet the artist of economics

The life of Pai – Meet the artist of economics

Beyond values and variables, Pai lets us in on the philosophical side of economics. The Bangkok-based economics researcher shares with us how the fast-changing world around us is interconnected and how things, that are worlds away impact us right where we are. Pai’s work is all about tailor-made: the angle he chooses, the variables he uses, profoundly determine the outcome of his research.

Beyond his profession, his personal aesthetics combine functionality and beauty, like a clear-cut Swiss-made movement with the unique character of a Malachite stone. We caught up with Pai at his Bangkok home to learn about his fascinating take on the world.



"I am Pai. I work as an economic researcher. Every day is a new day nothing is gonna be the same. 

If you look at the world right now there is so much going on: Trump in America, the conflict in the Arabian Gulf, the North Korean missile tests; everything is interconnected and in the era of high connectivity these things at the other side of the world would surely affect everything here in Thailand the business decisions, the trade and the society.

My work is very tailore-made just like MYKU is tailor-made to my need. I like the fact that MYKU combines a functional watch with a stone. In Asian cultures we believe that these stones have some unique power and my choice for MYKU is a Malachite watch. I love green and these green stones have protective powers."

Pai MYKU Malachite watch

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