#myMYKU #myLife | Meet Xavier Ferre Eyewear Designer

#myMYKU #myLife | Meet Xavier Ferre Eyewear Designer

French-born and Hong Kong based product designer Xavier Ferre is driven to create eyewear that is wearable yet distinctive. Meticulously detail-orientated, Xavier moved to Asia’s most vibrant city, Hong Kong, seven years ago. Originating from a small town in France, the change of scenery fueled his creativity and drive. We are delighted to talk to him about what lies beneath his ideas and what inspires him to pursue his dreams.

"My name is Xavier, I live in Hong Kong for seven years.

Over the time, I grew an interest for glasses. Today, I work with various luxury brands for their projects. We support them throughout the development, we suggest different lenses, we try to explore new materials to keep up with their luxury standards. 

Glasses are the kind of products that makes you wonder, what can really be developped around two circular shapes, around the eyes? I wondered a couple of times: Where do designers find inspiration to always produce more and innovate? And after working on it, you eventually discover new materials and new techniques. And what is fascinating working with glasses is that there is always a solution.

To me, glasses are an accessory. I never really considered a watch to be an accessory I would be interested in. I got my watch for my 30th birthday. It is the Obsidian, I love the color, I spend my time watching it, the details of the stone that reflect in the light.It's a beautiful object. I thought I would not wear it often, now, I wear it every day."

MYKU Obsidian Watch Xavier Ferre

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