#myMYKU #myLife | Meet Marc Brochard Entrepreneur and musician

#myMYKU #myLife | Meet Marc Brochard Entrepreneur and musician

Marc Brochard, an aspiring entrepreneur who moved to Hong Kong five years ago has been interested in music since his childhood. Especially marching band music has always been his passion, so much so that he and a few good friends decided to create the Le Groupe Électrogène Fanfare Club. A marching band dedicated to spreading love and happiness through music. The band has played on numerous occassions in Hong Kong including Clockenflap (2016), Fringe club and LKF beer festivals.

We are happy to share with you why music plays such a crucial role in Marc’s life. To know more about the Marc’s band and some good music, don’t miss this special collaboration

"My name is Marc and I love the trumpet. 

Why do I like the trumpet? Simply because it has been my hobby when I was young and I have been lucky enough to find a French band. We created a Fanfare together a year and half, we try to share this genre of music to the locals. The local public is not used to listen to marching bands like us. The festive spirit is really enjoyable and it spreads to everyone; the music cheers people up, it brings a good spirit and good vibes. Making people happy and laugh: what's more, right?

I like watches. My friends got me one for my birthday six months ago, a MYKU. I don't particularly pay attention to my style because I generally like simple things and not necessary very flashy and it's true that MYKU is a good balance as it is understated, elegant and discreet. And this is what makes MYKU special we can find simplicity and beauty in one accessory which is this timepiece and it's great. It's really great!"

Marc Brochard Musician - MYKU White Marble Gold Watch

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