Our Guide On How To Kill White Walkers in Game of Thrones

Our Guide On How To Kill White Walkers in Game of Thrones

As Game of Thrones (GOT) season 7 is about to hit HBO, we can’t wait to fast forward to see the entire show before it has even started.  When we were discussing the show at the office, one of my colleagues (breathe in) has never watch a single episode. (Gasp). I know the story is complex, the names are foreign, but how can anyone miss the show like as if you have never been on facebook?

As GOT remains one of HBO’s most acclaimed TV series with a massive fan base, we did some research online for those who have never seen the show (just like my colleague).

Here’s the essential GOT rundown on what you need to know, including a few fun facts you can share to impress (pretend) your friends:

With only 13 episodes (2 seasons) left for GOT, every fan predicted this season will be packed with action, because one of the villain characters: the White Walkers will be the main highlight.

The first White Walker (known as the Night King) was created by the Children of the Forest to protect the latter from the invasion of first mankind.

Children of the forest Game Of Thrones

Leaf, the leader of the Children of the Forest forced a Dragonglass dagger through the first Man’s heart, which resulted in creating the Night King. Born of powerful magic, the Night King eventually broke free from the Children’s control and reanimated the dead to form his own army, thereby declaring war to the rest of the kingdoms.

The Night King Game Of Thrones

The Night King and his army can only be killed by two kinds of weapons: the Dragonglass and Valyrian Steel.  Valyrian steel is a kind of very light and strong steel that can remain sharp forever and is forged in the kingdom of Valyria. Since the destruction of the kingdom, the remaining few steel weapons have become heirlooms in the various noble houses.

That leaves us with the mystery of Dragonglass. As in all mythical tales, the hero needs a special weapon to kill the villain(s) at the end; and that is when the story becomes interesting.

Dragonglass is also known as Obsidian. Obsidian exists in reality and is a form of natural igneous rock formed by molten volcanic rock material upon cooling down rapidly. The result is a beautiful black glass rock when polished. Beyond its GOT fame, it is believed that the Mayans used Obsidian for crafting weapons and cutting tools as the stone has been known ever since for its unparalleled sharpness.

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