#myMYKU #myLife | Meet Jason Wong, Dog Fosterer

#myMYKU #myLife | Meet Jason Wong, Dog Fosterer

Jason may be busy with his marketing activities for the hotel he works for, but he always makes time to adopt and taking care of stray dogs.  Meet Jason Wong; his love for dogs is unwavering since he was a child.

Taking care of dog is almost like taking care of a child. It requires commitment and patient, as they need to be fed and walked several times a day. If they are sick, you have to take them to the vets. Therefore, we want to find out what makes Jason to continue his passion to look after stray dogs even he has four dogs of his own.

"Five years ago, I started to become a foster parent. I have four dogs currently. Dogs are really affectionate, I like to spend time with them. 

In Hong Kong, there are limited regulations to protect animals. Some of the breeders keep dogs in very poor conditions for commercial purposes whereas with adopting a dog you're saving lives because they really need a home otherwise they're gonna be living on the streets. The dogs are really unique to me just like MYKU. 

MYKU is so special because, everybody can choose their own style based on their own preferences or character. That's why I chose Black Onyx so I can see the stone the pattern is like water running through. It feels peaceful. I love it" 

MYKU Black Onyx Gold Watch - Jason Wong

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