The Art of Crafting Stone Dials

The Art of Crafting Stone Dials

Crafting precious stone dials has always been a challenge for watchmakers. Even though the process of cutting the stones was first introduced in the sixties, only a handful of highly skilled craftsmen from luxury houses can reinvigorate the art of crafting stone dials to make them stylish today.   

To begin with, sourcing the right stone takes time and care. Once the right stone is found, it takes all the expertise of a skilled artisan to cut and polish the stone to obtain the right color and perfect graining. 

MYKU Black Onyx Stones

After the process of cutting, the stone is then polished with upmost precision to obtain the right thickness. At any point during the process, the stone may break, an irreversible moment when the stone and its pattern will never find their way of becoming an unique watch dial. 


Every MYKU watch is an artisanal achievement in itself as the stone dials are just 1.8mm in thickness. Just as every stone is unique in its appearance and character, MYKU speaks to its customers who seek to express their own individuality through our exclusive timepieces. 

MYKU Black Onyx

MYKU’s black onyx dials are expertly cut and polished with precision by artisans only. Only the most unique ones will be selected for MYKU’s collection (US$899)

The risk of crafting the stone dials may be high, but it offers some kind of bespoke quality for the customer. Customization is becoming important for the watch and jewelry market. 

MYKU Black Onyx

Chanel’s recent spectacular 2016 collection Mademoiselle Privé Coromandel watches, consists of 5 unique works of art as the dial is made up of semi-precious stones using an ancient technique known as Glyptic.  The artisans cut, engrave and set stones to create 5 delicate scenes of flora and fauna, requiring more than 100 hours of manual labor to create these extraordinary one-of-a-kind timepieces.  

Mademoiselle Privé Coromandel

The kingfisher on the dial is made from semi-precious gemstones and mother-of-pearl using the ancient glyptic technique (£184,000).

Hermès also introduced the Faubourg Manchette collection timepieces featuring their hallmark saddle stitching techniques to make the Etruscan alligator strap wrapped around the watches. Each dial features a Tiger’s eye set with 4 small diamond hour markers, and framed by 36 baguette cut brown sapphires on a rose gold bezel. 

Faubourg Manchette

Wrapped in the wide brown alligator cuff -Manchette - is a tiger's eye stone dial with a halo of brown sapphires (£14,500).

Stone dials are created to reveal the natural splendor of Mother Nature. For us, MYKU’s watch is inspired by the gifts of nature.  We take pride in sourcing and crafting our stone dials by artisans, carefully assembled with our Swiss partner and always strive to elevate the natural beauty of the elements, by accentuating but never overpowering them or our wearers.