10 Things to pack for your trip to Mars.

10 Things to pack for your trip to Mars.


Image Credit: Kyle Hilton; Massimo Dall'oglio.

If you don’t know who is Elon Musk, then you better start googling his name and get to know him. Not only he is the billionaire founder of Tesla Motors, this a.k.a. Iron man superhero Tony Stark has ambitious plans to send humans to Mars by 2025.

He is not crazy, but a visionary, a modern adventurer who dares to dream. NASA is behind him by committing to send the first batch of astronauts on his mission. More than 200,000 people have signed up for the one-way ticket to Mars including Leonardo DiCaprio.  Musk hopes to send 1 million people to the Red Planet and a ticket is estimated to cost around USD200,000 for each passenger (Hefty we know, but you get to travel with Leo as your travel buddy). You can apply for your seat today through Musk’s latest venture, SpaceX, a private company founded for colonizing Mars.

Solar System

We are all intrigued by what’s in the universe, the great unknown surrounding us. Why Mars? For starters, Mercury and Venus are too hot to live. Moon has few natural resources and no atmosphere to protect us from the Sun.  Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are huge balls of gas and very far away. So only the option left is Mars.  Mars is cold but bearable, it’s far but still not that far. It has almost the same hours in a day and there is water on the planet, the source of all life. 

Every adventurer is driven by different ambitions. In the past, explorers traveled into new lands to find fortunes, fame and the great unknown. We at MYKU are excited to discover what natural resources we will find on Mars, especially for stones.

Envisioning our trip to Mars, our team came up with a TOP-10 list of MUST-HAVE for the journey in case you want to join us for this adventure.

Portable Oxygen Generator

1. Portable Oxygen generator

You need to breathe. In case of emergency, you need a standby kit to generate oxygen. (Travel Oxygen Bar Machine)

Portable Solar Power Kit

2. Portable Solar Power Kit

Low battery and no charger sounds as scary as the trip itself. Whatever electronics you are bringing, as long as there is no electricity, forget about your entertainment. You don’t want to die of boredom. (Solar Panel 5 +)

Portable water filter

3. Portable water filter

We know there is frozen water on the planet. But we don’t know if it’s drinkable. All the ice deserves a drink, so bring a filter (Water Deionization Systems) and soda-making machine (Soda Stream) if excess luggage permits (check with your airline).

Plant Seeds

4. Plant Seeds

Once you run out of your snacks you should look into farming. Be prepared, bring some seeds and check some tutorials on gardening (preferably in space).

5. Drone

Use the Inspire 1 to navigate unknown territory. An additional benefit is take a video of the landscape to send to your friends and family back on earth.


Insulated Clothing

6. Insulated Clothing

As the temperature fluctuates drastically, warm insulated clothing or boots will come in handy as you don’t want to share or borrow. 

Mars Bar7. Mars Bar

You never know who you will meet on red planet but a Mars bar will be a goodwill gift to present to the Martians, just in case. Everyone loves chocolate.


8. Smartphone

Not just for the sake of communication, load your smartphone with apps, music, games and movies to keep you entertained.


First Aid Kit

9. First Aid Kit

For those who are accident-prone (Adventure Marine 1000 First Aid Kit).

MYKU Black Onyx Gold

10. MYKU watch

The black onyx stone dial has the power of protection against negative energy.  The bigger the danger, the darker the stone becomes. Besides, you can also read the time and look stylish in all situations awaiting you on this voyage of a lifetime.

Did we miss something? What about you? What would you bring on Mars?