V-DAY-D-DAY: MYKU’s non-schmaltzy Valentine’s guide

V-DAY-D-DAY: MYKU’s non-schmaltzy Valentine’s guide

Valentine’s day is just around the corner (Love is in the air, smell it?) and it is time to delight your beloved one(s) with the most extraordinary, creative mind-blowing, romance-filled surprises. Sounds like a cake walk, right? If you got it all set already, great for you, why don’t you share some ideas in our comment section below?

If you’re starting to panic, don’t! MYKU got you covered. We gave it some thought and came up with a bunch of cool ideas you can use to surprise your loved ones.

Just like in our latest campaign Loves conquers all, we want you to share the love with the people you care for, no matter what. Whether you’re a fan or non-believer of Valentine’s day, a simple gesture to show your love is always a great idea to remind your love ones that you care.

Ladies first, here are some of our top picks:

1. For the romantics: Match Bottle – Antique

Match Bottle – Antique

A small gesture with a powerful message. We love the idea of a spark igniting love and keeping romance burning, captured in this simple, beautiful jar of matches. Add a nice candle to it (Check out Diptyque) and you’re set with a poetic yet simple and romantic gift. 

2. For the thoughtful: Personalized stationary

riflepaperco valentine

We love the idea of surprising her with a set of personalized stationary. In today’s digital world, a handwritten note is more valuable than ever. The beautiful designs from Rifle Paper Co. will delight and come in handy whenever a personal touch can be added to an occasion, whether a birthday card or the love letter you will receive in return.

*Romance booster: To add an extra dose, get your own stationary printed and write your first love letter to her on it, included in the gift.

3. For the foodies:  Private chef experience at home

hong kong personal chef

Instead of going out to a restaurant and sharing your romantic evening with other diners on Valentine’s day, why don’t you surprise your love with a fine dining experience prepared by a professional chef, at the comfort of your home? We hear great things of Chef Tom Burney; his company specializes in private fine dining experiences in Hong Kong (If you aren’t in Hong Kong, just check reviews for personal chefs in your city online) Whether “just” a romantic Valentine’s dinner or part of your proposal plans, a bespoke private dinner is a lovely and original Valentine’s surprise.

Gentlemen, let’s get to it:

1. For the traveling groomers: Travel grooming essentials


We recently came across this cool post by our friends at Mr Porter, introducing a comprehensive guide to traveling grooming products for men. Featuring a bunch of exquisite, cabin-sized products to help our gentleman to stay fresh on the next trip, this idea is not only wallet-friendly but also a great try-out of new products.

2. For Man-kinds: A bespoke box

bespoke post

New-York based company Bespoke Post offers a wide range of thoughtfully themed boxes, catering to most diverse kinds of men, all containing cool stuff. We love the Carry box with its sartorial and simple pieces to survive busy days, perfectly paired with our timepieces. Depending on your subscription plan, it’s a gift that keeps on coming, monthly in the mail that is.

3. For the boys: Playtime for one

Urban Outfitter’s Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset

Here’s a stereotype: Most men love their tech toys. Urban Outfitter’s Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset is the ideal tech toy for the tech geeks to watch 3D movies and videos, comfortably at home. See it like that: while he is exploring another dimension you get some me-time and you can meet afterwards in the now for a romantic dinner.

4. Save the best for last:

Make each other happy every time you check the time Think about this: When I look at my watch (Statistically that is 85 times per day) my face lights up with a smile and I think of you. Sounds good? Hell yes. Surprise each other with our beautiful timepieces, here’s some advice on the models:

For the gentlemen: Space Black Onyx.

For the ladies: Rose Gold Carrara Marble.

At the end of the day, the key to a happy relationship is to listen, to pick up hints and details that you can turn into small personal surprises for the other, such as a dinner at his/her favorite restaurant, something he/she wanted but didn’t buy, a book/piece of art/album by a favorite artist etc.

If you’re organized (or just forgetful), always keep a list that will help you to have first ideas for gifts for important occasions. A regular, small yet very personal surprise keeps delighting the other one and will keep your relationship burning with romance.

Happy Valentine’s day.

Love💘 ,


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