What’s your definition of TIME?

What’s your definition of TIME?

The other day, I overheard someone saying that humans are the only species who feel self-doubt and it made me think about our sense of ambition and time.  Where the 80s were about careers, the 90s about spiritual self-fulfillment, are we back on picture perfect today?

We aim to excel in everything, to be accomplished in all we do. Best case is instant achievement, whether business or pleasure. Don’t get me wrong, hard work is mandatory but the sense of time is dramatically shorter. The Instagram-generation wants it instantly, now, better yesterday.

Endless Time

With a new idea of self comes a new set of priorities. Today’s true luxury is a conscious enjoyment of passing time. Time itself is a pretty fair thing. We got, more or less all a fairly similar amount and the way it moves is the same for all of us. Nature gave us aging, seasons and tides and we added some concepts to it, such as time in the shapes we know it as hours, days, minutes and altogether it’s a great symphony that forms our sense of time. With that most fundamental tool of our existence comes great pressure, the thought of having no time (funny, since we invented it in a way).

30s Fashion luxury

In the early thirties of the last century (that’s just about 87 years ago) true luxury amongst the wealthy was to waste time doing as one pleases, mainly simply doing nothing. In today’s world with everyone being actually or self-proclaimed oh so busy, there might be a valuable lesson in it: Should we learn again how to do nothing

Part of our DNA at MYKU is #substanceoftime. A philosophy in itself, it also poses a question: Can something so ever-evolving like time have a substance? Everything changes and nothing changes, just like time continuously moves but does the same thing at all times.

MYKU Malachite watch

Every stone dial we use in our watches, whether it is Marble, Onyx or Malachite, tells its own tale of #substanceoftime. Each stone formed its unique surface over the course of hundreds or even thousands of years. Cut and set into a timepiece, we bring the idea of something that took so long to take its perfect shape, into a new set of time, our watches. Next time you’re feeling restless think about how long it took to form the dial of your MYKU and redefine time for yourself, make it yours. 

Time ticks the same way for everyone, but what you do with it is your choice.