Happy New Year! Time to put these resolutions into action (Read them all here) and we felt it’s only polite that we begin by properly introducing ourselves, it is time for you get to know us, the people behind MYKU a bit better. 

New Year’s day 2016 was not only the first day of the new year 365 days ago, but more so the launching date of MYKU. 

We love that you love our watches and we want to get to know you better. So we thought we should make the first move by introducing ourselves:

Describe yourself in 1 word (just one).

KUAN:  Determined
FRANÇOIS: Inquisitive

What do you love in life? 

KUAN:  Fitness
FRANÇOIS: Being Alive! Life and men are fragile, so make it count.

How have you met each other? 

KUAN & FRANÇOIS: Through François’ love of life (Thanks Karis – François’ wife) 

Tell us about your partnership as entrepreneurs.

KUAN:  It’s almost like a marriage (Sorry Karis). Apart from sleeping, we spend all day together, eating and working
FRANÇOIS: Creating a business is really easy, sustaining a business is hard and finding the right partner is rare. We are both grateful to work together.

What does MYKU mean to you? 

KUAN:  Design and Quality for Life 
FRANÇOIS: Professionally it’s extremely versatile, involving tasks from R&D to production, user experience, e-commerce etc. Personally it means risks but independence and permanent learning.

How do you balance from work?

KUAN:  Sleep and Play.
FRANÇOIS: Yoga and gardening.

As an entrepreneur, is there time off from work? 

KUAN:  As an online retailer it’s hard sometimes to differentiate as we are there for our customers more or less 24/7
FRANÇOIS: It’s an everyday job, your company is your baby, you have to take care of it every single day.

Can you imagine a life without social media?

KUAN:  Yes, I would love to have a life without social media but it’s hard.
FRANÇOIS: I still remember the days before we became digital and still love hanging out with my friends. Businesswise, social media has changed the way we work big time.

How can you make a difference in what you do?

KUAN:  Approaching challenges and overcoming them teaches you how you can always improve the way to work with others around you and thus making a difference.
FRANÇOIS: Constantly designing and innovating ways to make life easier and efficient.

What is your dream destination to travel to? Why? 

KUAN + FRANÇOIS: Mars! (Read all about it here)

When do you lose track of time? 

KUAN:  When I’m on vacation. 
FRANÇOIS: All the time. I often get mixed up with weekdays. Ask my friends.

Looking back at your first year of MYKU, what stands out the most to you? 

KUAN & FRANÇOIS: When friends and strangers tell you how much they love your products 

Tell us a secret.

KUAN:  I quit smoking some months ago. I am now a chocoholic.
FRANÇOIS: Mmh. Our watches are actually water resistant, we just didn’t tell anyone.  

Define success. 

KUAN:  Success is achieving what you planned for yourself and recognition from others is a bonus on top.
FRANÇOIS: Set your goals. Achieve. Repeat.

If not MYKU, what would you do? 

KUAN:  I would be an innkepper running a hostel in a backpacker’s paradise. 
FRANÇOIS: Design projects!