New Year Same Old, we don’t think so - Our new year resolutions for 2017.

New Year Same Old, we don’t think so - Our new year resolutions for 2017.

2016 is coming to an end soon and it’s about time to take a look back at things we achieved this year and the lessons we have learnt. More than looking back, it’s time for the widely-beloved New Year’s resolutions. Every year, as certain as the clock strikes midnight, someone comes up and asks what your resolutions are. 

We at MYKU thought instead of coming up with the same lame ideas most of us make up on the spot and break by 1am the same night (quit smoking, drinking, sounds familiar?), we gave it some thought and compiled some really cool ideas to work hard for next year (or to impress your friends when the feared question comes up). So here’s our 2017 Bucket list:

1. Stay hungry, stay curious 

We love idea of “playing” tourist in your own city. No matter where you live, new things happen almost everywhere at some point. Do a little research or just go out and explore. New eats, museums, bars, all the things you thought about visiting and trying, go and do it!

2. Share the love

Sounds cheesy but do it, it’s great! Instead of a lame “Hi, long time no talk”-message on FB, call up a friend and/or loved one and chat about how you have been and what’s new. Friendships are meant to be taken care of and our hyper-connectivity is a great starting point. Don’t just like the other’s post, but give him/her a call and check in with them. You will be surprised about how re-animated friendships can help, whether its business-wise or personally.

3. Take care of yourself

Ok, we know this sounds like the lame “quit smoking” resolution we put up every year, but why not do it next year (For real this time). Pick your poison to get rid off, do more exercise, cut on processed foods, options are endless. The joy you take from doing good for yourself will brighten your day and every small challenge mastered will strengthen your determination.

4. Declutter and help others 

This is maybe not the newest idea but we love it (and need to do it). Declutter your closet(s). Be honest with yourself on what you haven’t looked at over the last years, what doesn’t fit and what won’t be back (or shouldn’t be). Wrap it up and donate it to others who need it. With fast fashion all around us, the good thing is we can and should be more responsible about the afterlife of our clothing, let’s share.

5. Risk it – Do something you always wanted to do (as long it is legal of course) 

Avoiding mistakes by not taking risks might not draw the wrath of your boss or client, but it also doesn’t draw excess praise. Far too often, playing it safe results in shiny, swirling, bland masses of ‘meh’. Go for the thing you always wanted to do, whatever it is and takes. You can only win, success and/or a valuable lesson.

6. My home, my castle

We all need a place to retreat, to recharge. That’s what vacations are for you might think, but your home should be just as comforting to you in order to calm and refresh your mind. For starters, get yourself some nice candles or lightening to freshen things up. Every space has potential to become an Oasis. Check out this cool blog to get some ideas on how to. 

7. A whole new world

No bucket list is complete without the obligatory travel mentioning. Instead of your classic summer/holiday routine, think of exploring a place you have never heard of (do your research) or which always fascinated you. Broaden your horizon, collect great stories, go traveling. (For first ideas see our guide to Ashgabat.)

8. Take it easy, at least sometimes

Today is too often about constant perfection and the strive for it. Please people, sometimes it’s nice to indulge a bit, skip workout for a cheeseburger occasionally, stay up an hour longer if you and your friends have the fun of your life etc. Be brave to live the moment, just make sure you keep these moments occasional to keep them special (and your great shape and job). 

9. Soundtrack of your life

Is your life like a movie with a soundtrack? We all have songs that remind us of things and accompany(ied) us in certain moments. Compile these in a playlist and relive the moments when played on shuffle. It’s fun! Get some great ideas to add from our MYKU playlists here.

10. Support new cool things and do something for yourself (win-win, right!?)

We at MYKU are proud to celebrate our 1st anniversary with you by the end of this year. Please don’t get us flowers or cake, instead get yourself something beautiful from us, check out our latest designs here.

We wish all of you a great new 2017! Make it count, there will be only one and as Nike says: Just do it – works every time 😉